Healing Comes to You

Holistic House Calls provides healing services to people who find it convenient to have holistic educators and practitioners come to where “they are” and also those who are unable to easily go to an appointment outside their home, hospital room, nursing home or hospice setting. Our dedicated and well-trained staff provides high-quality care and compassionate support.

  • spiritual healing
  • spiritual counseling
  • medical professionals
  • holistic dentistry
  • physical therapy
  • holistic life coaching
  • massage and energy work
  • stress and anxiety relief
  • pain management
  • holistic hair & make-up
  • progressive personal training
  • organic gardening & cooking
  • holistic weight loss coaching
  • grief recovery support
  • feng shui consultation
  • movement (yoga, dance, etc)
To schedule an appointment with one of our Holistic House Calls specialists, please email info@HolisticHouseCallsAZ.com or call 888-380-6388 for more information.